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180517-handstripping-192-716-445Some dog breeds' grooming needs vary from the usual groom  done with clippers we are all familiar with. Instead, they could do  with hand-stripping which helps to maintain the proper coat texture and colour.
Hand-striping is a grooming method done by hand in which the  groomer will pluck the outer guard coat and allow new hair to grow freely. 

This will help promote proper texture and colour of the breed  and  will also help their skin to stay healthy by keeping the  follicles unobstructed for new hair to grow. The final result will be a natural look.

Contrary to common belief, hand-stripping is not harmful for  your  pet. It consists of gentle movements that will get rid only of  dead hair which is the grooming standard for many breeds

Most terriers are perfect candidates for hand-stripping and so are some cross breeds. Feel free to pop into our shop with your pet so we can assess if this would be the right option for your dog and discuss your and your pet needs.




Guide To Feeding Your Dog

Your dog is a special individual and his or her dietary needs will vary depending on breed, age, environment, activity and metabolism.

We suggest starting with our feeding guidelines and then monitoring his or her weight and demeanour and making any necessary adjustments.

Feed twice daily and remember always have fresh, clean water ready to drink.

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Ollie has been coming to puppy daycare for several weeks now. He loves it. His regular bath and fluff sessions and grooms keep him looking and smelling great and we've really appreciated the thought John, Annelies and the team have put into his care.
Jo Murray
Our little Francis looked gorgeous after his grooming! The staff was so great and gave him the full treatment 
Jessica N
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