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Come and visit our modern grooming boutique located at 64 Northland Road, Northland, Wellington, where your beloved and pampered pooch will receive the best quality service they can get.

Before any pet is groomed, we would make an assessment to determine what your options are according to its breed and needs.  

We have vast experience grooming both pure breed and cross breed dogs like Labradoodles, Spoodles, Boodles, Retrodoodles, Cavoodles, etc.

You need to understand that grooming is not a once in a lifetime service for your dog, they need to be groomed often and that frequency will vary according to breed, coat type, behaviour and even health issues.


Cats also need to be groomed more often than what you may think.

Contrary to common belief, cats do not groom themselves, they just lick themselves... so if your cat is used to sleep with you, you may understand why he or she needs a groom... It's also to keep their coats tangle and oil free and allow their skin to breath as well as to stimulate skin blood vessels. So, it's an important process for their overall well-being.

We have experience grooming long and short coated cats as well as hairless cats without any use of anesthetics or sedation. Just call us and we can discuss what we can do for you as well as offer you a preventative maintenance program that will get you covered.

Every groom

With every groom, whether it's for dogs or cats, we offer a wash suitable to the coat type, fluff dry, nail trim, hygienic clip, ear cleaning and coat clipping, de-shedding or hand-stripping depending on breed standards.

Extra services include teeth cleaning, flea and worm treatments, anal gland release, natural flea wash, and natural essential oils wash.

Prices will vary according to size, breed and extras included in the service.

All dogs need to enter the shop with leads and cats in their own crates.

If your pet needs to stay with us until closing time after its groom, they can do so by joining our daycare for an extra $20.

In case of doubt, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist you.

Guide To Feeding Your Dog

Your dog is a special individual and his or her dietary needs will vary depending on breed, age, environment, activity and metabolism.

We suggest starting with our feeding guidelines and then monitoring his or her weight and demeanour and making any necessary adjustments.

Feed twice daily and remember always have fresh, clean water ready to drink.

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Ollie has been coming to puppy daycare for several weeks now. He loves it. His regular bath and fluff sessions and grooms keep him looking and smelling great and we've really appreciated the thought John, Annelies and the team have put into his care.
Jo Murray
Our little Francis looked gorgeous after his grooming! The staff was so great and gave him the full treatment 
Jessica N
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